About Caravanserai

What is Caravanserai?

Caravanserai: A place where cultures meet celebrates global diversity by sharing live arts experiences featuring dynamic Muslim artists in communities across the United States. Caravanserai maps a new cultural Silk Road through America, building bridges to better tomorrows.

The name "Caravanserai" evokes the roadside inns in the Far East where caravan travelers would gather after a long day’s journey through the desert heat. At night the caravanserais were safe-havens, cheerful resting spots for sharing news, companionship, and entertainment. Caravanserai: A place where cultures meet envisions American communities as a modern day network of caravanserais welcoming dynamic Muslim artists to connect with American audiences through shared creative experiences.

Caravanserai: A place where cultures meet is produced by Arts Midwest on behalf of the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations with leadership support from the Building Bridges Program of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art.

Caravanserai: American Voices

The 2015–2016 season of Caravanserai invites Muslim American musicians to share their cross-cultural stories in unique, contemporary expressions—hip-hop, rap, soul, dance, pop, rock, and jazz fused with the musical influences of their cultural traditions.

Caravanserai: Malaysia

The 2014–2015 season featured two unique music ensembles—a dynamic group representing the diversity of modern Malaysia and a renowned troupe performing an ancient tradition—along with an innovative collaboration between 15 Malaysian contemporary filmmakers.

Caravanserai: Turkey

The 2013–2014 season explored Turkey through residencies by two leading musicians and a celebrated filmmaker.

Caravanserai: Morocco

The 2012–2013 Caravanserai season brought music, film, and photography from Morocco to four communities across the United States.

Caravanserai: Pakistan

The 2011–2012 season featured the diverse cultures of contemporary Pakistan. Five organizations hosted two musical residencies featuring traditional and contemporary Pakistani artists and one film residency featuring a young and innovative Pakistani filmmaker.