Tari Khan with Abid Hussain & Rasheed Abdul

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Ustad Tari Khan, a U.S.-based Pakistani percussionist born in Lahore, Pakistan will share his unique mastery of the tabla drums in the Caravanserai Fall 2011 music residencies. The tabla drums are a set of hand drums that have different sizes and sounds. Tabla drum masters train for a lifetime so that the rapid rhythmic tapping of their fingers can produce a transcendent sound known as absolute “sur” (pitch) and “ras” (essence). Ustad Tari Khan’s acclaimed performances all over the world have earned him the title of “Tabla Prince of India and Pakistan.”

Tari Khan is joined by Pakistani performers Abid Hussain and Rasheed Abdul who specialize in a different set of drums known as dholis that are strapped over the shoulder and played standing and twirling with a set of sticks. Together, the three drummers will guide the audience on a musical journey of the different percussive styles and rhythms of Sufi musical culture and explore the diversity of drumming traditions from countries across the globe.

Artist's website: www.taritabla.com

Tari Khan playing the tabla drums
Tari Khan
Demonstrating the dhol drums at a school workshop in Montana. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.
Dholi drummer performance
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Tari Khan Demonstrates the Tabla
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Dholi Drumming Performance