Orchestra of Fes

 // Morocco

Conducted by Mohammed Briouel

The spring 2013 Caravanserai music residency tour will feature masters of classical Judeo-Arabic music from the Andalusian tradition, the Orchestra of Fes directed by the legendary Mohammed Briouel.

Andalusian classical music is at the core of contemporary Moroccan culture and evolved over centuries of cultural exchange between North Africa, Spain, Portugal, and southern European Muslim traditions. The vibrant, spiritual chamber melodies of the Orchestra of Fes will take audiences on a sonic tour to the heart of Morocco’s rich musical heritage.

Born and raised in the magical city of Fes, Mohammed Briouel studied with Hadj Abdelkrim Raïss, one of the undisputed masters of Andalusian classical music. A violist by training, Briouel inherited the rich traditions of Arab-Andalusian music that have been preserved in ancient cities like Fes. He is now one of Morocco’s premiere orchestra and chamber group directors, and he directs the esteemed Music Conservatory of Fes, where he also teaches sol-fa, a form of musical notation specific to Arab-Andalusian classical music. Faithful to the Moroccan tradition of openness and tolerance, Briouel’s Orchestra of Fes has toured the world giving concerts of Andalusian, Arab, and Sephardic music with noted musicians of Jewish traditions such as Albert Bouhadana and Emil Zrihan. 


Study Guides

Orchestra of Fes, 2012
Mohammed Briouel, director of the Orchestra of Fes
Abdesselam Amri plays the darbouka with the Orchestra of Fes
Aziz Alami Chentoufi plays percussion with the Orchestra of Fes
The rebab, a traditional instrument played in the Orchestra of Fes
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Orchestra of Fes Performance
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Orchestra of Fes Workshop