Arif Lohar featuring Arooj Aftab

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Caravanserai’s Spring 2012 music residencies will feature one of Pakistan's most beloved contemporary folk singers, Arif Lohar. Born in a small village called Aach Goch in Gujrat District of Punjab, Pakistan, Arif Lohar follows in the footsteps of his father, famous Pakistani folk singer Alam Lohar. Singing contemporized interpretations of traditional Punjabi songs, Arif Lohar captures the sights and sounds of modern Pakistani culture with a unique mix of pop and folk stylings. Playing his beloved chimta, a traditional percussion instrument resembling tongs, Arif Lohar will be backed by an ensemble of talented Pakistani musicians.

In a special collaboration, Arif Lohar will be joined by talented world music songstress Arooj Aftab. Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan and now based in New York City, Arooj Aftab pays homage to her cultural roots with inspired original songs that fuse classical Pakistani, Sufi, and South Asian music traditions with contemporary jazz, folk, and pop influences. Her dynamic vocals mesh with subtle, graceful acoustic arrangements to create a signature sound that has been described as “indigenous soul.” 

For Caravanserai, Arif Lohar and Arooj Aftab celebrate their cultural heritage by imagining new musical horizons, crossing boundaries, and inviting U.S. audiences to share their journey with peace and love. 
Arif Lohar's music is representative of the traditional folk heritage of the Punjab. Most of his songs are sung in Punjabi.
Arif Lohar is known for his compelling vocal performances.
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Arooj Aftab
Arooj Aftab
Arooj Aftab in the studio.
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Coke Studio performance, 2010
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Arooj Aftab - "Udhero Na"
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Arooj Aftab - "Man Kunto Mola"