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Closeup of someone playing the harmonium
A Musical Journey

Not all journeys are physical treks like those made by the ancient caravan travelers. There are journeys of the heart, the soul, and the spirit that have no exact beginning and are not measured by distance but exist in the inevitable downbeats of the march of time.

Colorful photo of a Moroccan musician. CC-BY-Jorg Reuter.
Presenters – Join the Journey to Morocco!

Announcing the community selection process for the 2012/13 season of Caravanserai.

The sights and sounds of Morocco are shimmering on the horizon! Open your doors to the cultural caravan by hosting the 2012/13 season of Caravanserai.

Video interview with Zeyba Rahman
Interview with Artistic Director Zeyba Rahman

The first caravans were trade expeditions that followed the Silk Road and traversed deserts connecting Eastern and Southern Asia with Europe and North Africa. The caravan travelers banded together for companionship and protection because their camels often carried fine silks, expensive jewelry, rare spices and other valuable items.

Camel caravan in the desert
Welcome to Caravanserai!

Caravanserai. Try saying it out loud: Caravanserai. (The easy, unofficial phonetics might be Car a van sir eye.) Personally, I like the way the sounds all roll around when the word is spoken!