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The artists for Caravanserai: American Voices. Photo by Antar Hanif.
Announcing Caravanserai: American Voices

Following significant critical acclaim and audience enthusiasm, Caravanserai: A place where cultures meet is bringing the modern arts caravan back home for the project’s fifth installment—the 2015–2016 Caravanserai: American Voices season.

The Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia
Sharing the journey in film

Caravanserai worked with leading evaluation firm WolfBrown to follow three residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and visually document their shared journey with Malaysian artists who visited their community.

Diplomats of Drum photo by Jay Ismail
Catching up with Diplomats of Drum

Nine months have passed since Diplomats of Drum launched the Caravanserai: Malaysia season with a five-week U.S. tour. We recently re-connected with Rav Singh, Diplomats of Drum’s Artistic Director, to reflect on the group’s first U.S. tour experience.

Wayang Kulit hosts a school workshop
Caravanserai: Malaysia season statistics

The sun has set on the Caravanserai: Malaysia season, and it's time for reflection on the amazing journeys of Diplomats of Drum, Pete Teo, and Wayang Kulit: The Shadow Play of Kelantan. Here are fun facts that illustrate how deep and far the impact of these incredible cultural ambassadors was felt during their Caravanserai residency tours.

Wayang Kulit troupe exploring Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
International tours create two-way exchange

By the time the Caravanserai Wayang Kulit tour ended on March 15, the multi-generational group—four young people and five adults—had spent time in three states and driven through another three in their journey from Texas to Florida.