DJ Man-O-Wax

DJ Man-O-Wax
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DJ Man-O-Wax. Photo by Antar Hanif.
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DJ Man-O-Wax. Photo by Antar Hanif.
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Reflection of downtown Chicago in the Cloud Gate, Millennium Park
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"Chicago is really what shaped me and made me who I am. All of the amazing things about it—the food, the festivals, the culture, the architecture, and most importantly the people make it a great place to be."

Photo by Mark Ireland, CC-BY 2.0

Asad Ali Jafri is the Artistic Director for Caravanserai’s 2015-16 season. Asad runs an independent cultural consultancy called Sukoon Creative, building on extensive experience presenting Muslim artists as Director of Arts and Cultural Programs for the Inner-city Muslim Action Network in Chicago and a festival organizer for the World Islamic Economic Forum in Malaysia.

He also performs internationally as DJ Man-O-Wax, spinning soulful, spiritual, and, of course, funky music from around the world. As a founding member and director of FEW Collective, Asad directs and tours with a rotating group of performing artists and musicians using art to engage, educate, and inspire. One of Asad’s signature productions as an artist is "Turntable Dhikr," a spiritual meditation on the Divine through turntablism. Asad has performed as an artist across five continents and ten countries and is a proud member of the Universal Zulu Nation.


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DJ Man-O-Wax. Photo by Antar Hanif.
DJ Man-O-Wax. Photo by Antar Hanif.
DJ Man-O-Wax. Photo by Mohawk Evolution.
Asad Jafri aka DJ Man-O-Wax
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