Guide to Repair a Garage Door

A garage door consists of two major parts, the garage door itself and the opener. Definitely, the repairing tasks will have to focus on the problems that affect these two important components. The first important point you need to remember is the fact that the garage door’s mechanism lies with the torsion springs. If you don’t have sufficient information about garage doors then hires a professional garage door company such as, JT’s Overhead Garage Door to handle it on your behalf.

Overhead garage door regardless of whether it swings up in a solid piece or rolls up in multiple sections must have torsion springs that support it. Metal tracks are installed on the walls to provide a path for garage door movements. These springs are responsible to provide mechanical power which garage door needs to go up and down. Garage door malfunctioning is one of the frustrating things that you may experience. When the garage door sticks or not open smoothly, do not get panic because some garage door repair tricks are not really difficult.

You can start your repairing project by inspecting the tracks. These metal tracks are normally held in place with the help of mounting brackets. You will have to inspect them to see if the screws and bolts are loose or not. Tightening up them will be your next task.

These tracks may have crags or bumps that stop the garage door from running properly. If you found dents, you can flatten them by pounding them with a mallet or hammer. There are times when tracks cannot be restored due to extreme damages. It is suggested to replace them completely to prevent a waste of time and effort.

Next thing is to check the alignment of tracks. If they are not aligned properly, you should move them to their right position immediately. To do this, you just need to lose the mounting brackets and then tap the tracks to their right position. Don’t forget to tighten the screws once you have done the correction. Sometimes problems are caused by hardened grease. It can be easily removed using any mild household cleaner. Afterward, you will have to wipe out the tracks and rollers to make them dry to ensure that the presence of grease is totally eliminated.

It is also important to know when it is better to hire a professional garage door expert. If your garage door has torsion springs that are found in the center of the garage door then it is best not to attempt any fixing on your own. There are chances that you might get injured due to the extreme pressure of garage door springs.