Efficient Garage Door Installation Instructions

The garage door installation instructions outline is a general guideline to help you. You should follow the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer for the complete set of instructions. Some people believe that the garage door installation project is not as difficult as may think. It just needs to be able to follow logical procedures and perform the job in the right order. The first order is taking the measurement of the garage door opening. Remember, if you are not a DIY type person, it does not matter how good the garage door installation draft is, just put your cell phone to call professional garage door installation companies such as, garage door installation in Fort Worth near you. 

You will need to get an accurate measurement of the garage door opening. It will help you to determine the right size of your garage door according to your needs. It should be written on paper so that you won’t forget it. First of all, measure the height and width of the garage door opening. The next step is to measure the “side room”. It is the space from the side of the garage door to the wall on the same side. The vertical tracks are sued to mount the extension springs while the torsion springs need at least 3-3/4 space at the header of the garage door.

The next step will be measuring the “head-room”. It is the area starting from the top of the garage door to the ceiling. For example, an extension spring needs 10 inches of space and a torsion spring is going to consume 12 inches of space. If you run into a situation where you have short headroom space then there is special hardware to facilitate you. You will need more headroom area if you want to install an electric garage door opener.

Now it is time to measure the “backroom”. It is an area that exists between the garage doors opening towards the back wall of the garage. It should add up to whatever the height of the garage door plus eighteen inches extra to get the right figure. And definitely, if you plan to put an electric garage door opener, you need to manage more space. Having a written measurement, you can get a garage door size ready to buy and install. 

On the garage door opening, you should have a 2×6 wooden frame. The frame should match the height of the headroom you have measured before. The old or rotten wood should be replaced. Now come to garage door sections. You should assemble the first section carefully. Get your hardware and put them into groups on the floor of the garage and then assemble them in order. Don’t forget to attach weather stripping to the bottom section of the garage door.

This work is best done on the sawhorse. It is the point where you need to follow the user’s manual because all types of garage doors are exactly alike. Then you need to attach the cables, hinges, and other hardware.

Again, it is just a garage door installation outline and not exact step-by-step directions for all brands of garage doors. Each model of garage door comes with its manual provided by the company and this article will give you clever ideas about what may be needed if you are thinking about installing a new garage door on your own. In case of any confusion, consult professional garage door installers to complete the project for you.